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Who decorates your Christmas Tree?- The Nosey Bloggers Christmas Tree Linky

Are you a mum who can pop up the tree and hand your kids a box of decorations to do as they wish, killing 2 birds with 1 stone as they say- kids happy to do it and one less job for mum?

I confess I am DEFINITELY not one of those mums! I wish I could be but for some reason I get all OCD when it comes to my Christmas decorations and tree. It has to be ‘just so’ and even when it is done I constantly adjust for a day or two until I’m happy with it.

However, this as you can imagine takes forever. I am not OCD with anything else ( I don’t think) so why Christmas decs?

I’m still not happy with the lights……….400 on there and not bright enough yet!

I’m also very nosey and love to look at other people’s Chritmas trees………….

so pop over to Cass at The  Diary of a Frugal Family to take a look at hers and also lots of others on her  NOSEY BLOGGERS CHRISTMAS TREE LINKY




Top tips for camping with families

Having just had a week away at half term camping in Dorset, I started thinking why I love being away camping- something that would have had me breaking out in a sweat a few years ago!


1. Print of a camping list of any of the main camping sites online ( or make your own using theirs as a basis) and check list against your equipment several weeks before you go, ticking off the stuff you have and listing the stuff you need to get.

2. Make a shopping list just for the time you are away- PLAN YOUR MEALS– and take the basics with you. So if your plan is to have a curry make sure you have the jar of sauce and then buy your meat fresh on the day.

3. Cool box and freezer blocks– essential for milks etc. I tend to freeze a pack of bacon and sausages to take for a cooked breakfast on our 1st morning there- they act as freezer blocks for the first day but have defrosted well for the first mornings breakfast!!

4.Go prepared– by that I mean for cold and warm weather!! Woolly hats and hot water bottles for the colder evenings, possible shorts and suncream for warmer days.

5. Take games– suitable for your children and family to play. We take Uno cards, several decks of cards for Black Jack and Solitaire, pens and writing pads for Hangman/ Battleship. They don’t take up much space but can provide a few hours of entertainment on a rainy day! Don’t forget games for outside- football/ bats and balls/ Frisbees etc

6. Get the kids involved by giving them some responsibility. Let them pack a small bag of things they want to bring for their own amusement- book, head torches, trump cards etc. Also during the camp try giving older kids a chore- filling the water bottles, washing up, taking rubbish to the bins etc.

7. Take Flasks– not only are these fab to take out with you during the day for a sneaky cuppa but we fill them at dinner time to make teas and hot chocolates before bed ( instant hot water when the kids are tired and don’t want to wait for the kettle to boil!).

8. Take a windbreaker– not only are these fab to mark an area close to your tent space but they provide a great cooking area if your tent does not have a porch. Also they are easy to uproot and take with you for a day at the beach ( presuming we get sunshine!).

9. Disposable BBQ– these can be picked up for a few quid in most places but are great to take to the beach for a lovely evening with a Hot Dog or Burger thrown in! Sometimes we don’t even bother with The BBQ and we use one of our single stoves and a pan for the same results. They are portable so make use of them.

10. Relax and enjoy– there doesn’t need to be a strict regime like at home. No one will be knocking at your door. The ironing and cleaning do not need doing. Take a break from social media. Take each day as it comes, late mornings/ late bedtimes/ extra snacks and treats…………………………..THIS IS YOUR HOLIDAY AFTER ALL!!!!!


Reading for kids…………..how important is it?


I have a love of books and reading. I don’t know where that came from as it’s hard to remember if as a child I was read to or not. However, as a teenager I definitely remember reading a lot( mainly Stephen King and the like!). Thankfully, that love of reading is still as strong today.

When both my boys were tiny it was part of the bedtime routine to have a story, and when they started reading at school it was religiously done everyday.

All of that has paid off as now at the grand old ages of 11 and 13 years they are both avid readers in their own right. My youngest actually got a Kindle for his Christmas present.

However, I do know families where the kids are totally uninterested in reading and no matter what they have tried along the way, it hasn’t worked.

So does it matter whether you start early or not? Does it matter if the parents are avid readers?

Does it matter if you don’t have lots of books at home?

Top tips on how to get your children reading

Watch our video with Jeff Brazier where he gives his top tips on making story time fun



For some parents, a seemingly simple task like reading your children bedtime stories can send them into a nervous panic. But, it’s never too soon or too late to get your children reading and needn’t be a stressful experience. 


That’s why celebrity dad Jeff Brazier has joined forces with the National Literacy Trust today to launch a new campaign to try and help the four million children in Britain who don’t own a book to start reading.


Almost a fifth of children who don’t read say there are no books in their homes, which is why the National Literacy Trust is backing the campaign from  McDonald’s UK and Harper Collins for a new partnership to help get kids reading.


McDonald’s UK is to hand out around nine million popular children’s books with its Happy Meals, as part of a new partnership with publishing house Harper Collins. The promotion aims to get books into the hands of families and support mums and dads in reading with their children.


Watch our video with Jeff Brazier and Jack Sallabank from the National Literacy Trust where they give their top tips to get your children reading. From funny voices to involving your children with finger puppets, watch our video for Jeff’s great tips which is sure to be a success with any child.

So what strategies have you tried to get your children interested in books?

What age group where they when they started showing an interest?

Do you buy books or rely on your local library?

Knitting project #2- 2012

Ok this may be cheating a little but I still knitted them!!

A smaller version of my 1st project, as requested by my youngest son- in his favourite colour!!!

Yes he honestly requested these............It confirms he is actually mad!

Laughingly my eldest has now requested a pair, in a more muted colour of course. I think I could restart a fashion!!!

However, he will have to wait as I am half way through project #3.