Knitting project #5 – 2012

Now this probably has been the most difficult stitch wise for me. I haven’t knitted in about 20 years, but now I want to get back to the level I once was!! I’m hoping to move onto cable soon too (sad I know, but play along).

Anyway, I had this pattern and wool from a knitting magazine that I had bought before Christmas. As I started to get some confidence back with my knitting, I decided to try it.

Amazingly I knitted it up in one evening!! Surprised even myself.

I left the sewing up until the next day and this was the final product…….

Not bad eh?

So good I thought I would model it ( those of a nervous disposition should look away now)

LOL I don’t have Beanie hair……………………… anyone that does is welcome to the hat!!!

On to the next one.

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8 thoughts on “Knitting project #5 – 2012

  1. Jazzygal

    Nice work…well done! I love knitting. I knitted fancy scarves as presents for Christmas and have some wool left to do one for myself…must get around to it!! ‘ll post on it too maybe :-)

    xx Jazzy

    1. muminmeltdown Post author

      Jazzy….. I don’t know how you would find the time to fit in knitting with all your other stuff but if you did I would love to see a post on it! Might think about setting up an Etsy shop to try and earn a small income- what do you think?? I trust you to be honest :)

    1. muminmeltdown Post author

      Thanks Claire…… I had thought your creative one was just for food, but it’s great if I could join with these. Love your weekend hop as always find new blogs to read!! :)

  2. Michelle

    Fab hat I would love one in black I could get the wool, tell me where & what to get and of course how much £££ x

    1. muminmeltdown Post author

      Hi hun I will look out for the wool for you and let you know…..worth trying this one on for size as I can adjust it if it needs to be bigger :)

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