Knitting project #1- 2012

This year one of my New Year’s resolutions was to learn new skills. I can knit but really basic stuff so I wanted to get back to it this year and obviously improve. I would also like to learn how to crochet ( something I have never done). I feel like i’m turning into an old lady already!!!

However, I started and here is my first knitting project of 2012………….a pair of wrist warmers!!!!! ( stop laughing, I can hear you).


Remember I was thinking............practical!!

Ok, so they are not the prettiest of things but I do suffer horrendously from the cold so they are actually practical- they are a necessity to keep my hands warm whilst I’m on the laptop!! PRIORITIES LADIES.

Anyway, my youngest was so impressed ( bless him) he wanted a smaller pair in red!!!! So that will be my next project!

Have you decided to learn something new? Go on be brave and share………………





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10 thoughts on “Knitting project #1- 2012

  1. Claire

    I wish I could knit. I paid little or no attention at school to sewing and knitting classes so I am pretty rubbish! Well done you on your wrist warmers!

    1. muminmeltdown Post author

      Claire (Grumpinator) LOL it was my Nan who taught me and just wanted to learn a skill that I could use :)

  2. Claire

    I’m very impressed! I want to learn how to knit but can’t seem to find the time. My gran taught me to crochet when I was little but I’ve forgotten how…I remember her making beautiful, multi-coloured blankets. Good luck with it and look forward to seeing what you make next! Cx

    1. muminmeltdown Post author

      Hi Claire- it was my Nan who taught me how to knit! I will be posting each time I have made something- small or big, success or failure!! Thanks for popping over :)

    1. muminmeltdown Post author

      Michelle- LOL I thought I would start on a clean slate with 2012 projects! Glad you liked it though……they are very warm! :)


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