Does my bum look big in this?

This is a question all us women like to know, however this girly doesn’t have to worry about this as her sizeable back end is VERY cleverly disguised!

I’m talking about my XC60 of course ( I’m well aware my bum probably looks big in everything!!).

I have this Volvo on loan for 3 weeks to use as a standard family car and see what I like ( or not) about it.

It’s a big meaty monster, sturdy as you would expect from Volvo and pimped to the hilt. Side by side on my small drive this thing is the same length as my good ol’ Zafira ( which holds extra seats or an estate size boot).

On first look at the Volvo I had expected the boot to be small but deep. I don’t know why, I just expected it looking at the shape of the car.

However, this little baby hides a huge backside inside her cool exterior…….

You can also half the size if it by putting up a divider so your lonely 1 bag of shopping does not roll around. But best of all this bottom panel can be locked, so if the kids have their games consoles on a journey and you want to leave them in the car, you simply hide them under the panel and it locks!! Even if someone broke into the back of the car this bottom panel remains locked………brilliant!

So yesterday the boys went to school and me and my OH headed to the coast for the day! I know, I know hand me the ‘Bad Mother of the Year’ award now……………..but the trip was combined with Christmas shopping, so we could hardly take the boys with us- right?

My OH drove so I could get some snaps of inside, granted they were taken on my phone and on the move so not the best.

The control panel…….everything from sat nav, digital TV, DVD and CD player, phone, reverse camera……oh and the heated seat controls LOL

Remember with these pics I WAS ON THE MOVE people!!

Now as a shorty myself I tend to get a restricted view out the rear view mirror and this car is no exception. However, they have made an easy, straight forward and frankly commonsense answer to this….

The normal view with headrests as usual in the way…..


Ta Dah……..the view with NO headrests!

Yes there is actually a button to put the headrests down!! Now when you press this button the headrests do flop down with urgency…….. so beware you don’t forget and do it with someone in the back. But I will admit I have had ‘bad thoughts’ about these headrests. My ‘Bad Parent’  laughingly thought these would actually come in handy  as a short, sharp. shock tactic to stop arguing teens in the back!!! What do you think? C’mon all you peeps with teens know what I’m talking about LOL. However, before you actually contact social services I haven’t tried it……………….just thought it!!

The car itself on a long run out was definitely comfortable. The sat nav worked a treat and we even had the radio going in the backround ( BTW the sat nav dips the sound of the radio so you can still hear the instructions properly). We had a play around with the Cruise Control which was definitely interesting and took a while to get used to not putting your foot on the accelerator!

Overlook the 75mph please, we were just testing it!

Oh and the Blis ( blind spot info system) worked a treat.

And although we tried our hardest to fill the boot with our shopping from Santa,I’m afraid it looks rather pitiful in the big bum of this baby!!

I now have just over 1 week left with this car *watery eyes and sniffs* and I still have things to test and try ( and I honestly don’t mean using the collapsing headrests on my teens……………….that would be just ‘WRONG’!)

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