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‘Hotter’ boots review

I was recently lucky enough to get my grubby mitts on a fabulous new pair of winter boots, but not just any old boots, a Hotter Shoes pair. In fact I was actually given the choice of what I would like to try.

I had a good old look on their Hotter website were there are loads of different styles on offer, not just shoes but with winter coming lovely winter boots too. Hotter Shoes offer ‘The Comfort Concept’ that ranges from the cushioning, the super soft leather and flexi grooved soles so they are non slip.

Ok I will admit that some of their designs are probably for the more ‘mature’ audience however DO NOT LET THAT PUT YOU OFF!!

On closer inspection they have some beautiful classy on trend pumps, heels, ankle boots and full length boots- all offering the same cushioning and support as their more ‘sensible’ designs.

I chose the Mystery  boot  to try. For me I struggle to wear any sort of heels as I suffer with severe muscular pain in my ankles due to my M.E/CFS, so for me the idea of the cushioning in the soles/heel was a huge draw.

They came well packaged and protected and I couldn’t wait to try them on. Now I don’t want to shatter your illusions but I do not have ‘the’ model figure and although my thighs are on the thunderous side I actually have ‘little chicken legs’ below the knee. So inevitably this happened when I tried the boots on……..

Yes they slightly gaped at the top *does a sad face*

However, as many of you know I’m a bit of a knitaholic, so I quickly knitted up a lovely pair of ‘boot toppers’ to fill the gap!!! Yes knitted boot toppers…………… not knock before you try people. Then this is what they became…………..

See………….they make all the difference!

To be honest I think I prefer them with the toppers anyway. But that aside I have to say the cushioning in the heel is no lie, amazingly it feels as though your feet just sink into them.

Now I haven’t had a great deal of time weather wise to wear them yet but on the several occasions I have got to wear them I have had them on my feet ALL DAY!! They were comfortable, cushioned and warm, and the leather itself is soft. I do think as my ankle pain worsens over the winter ( as it always does) these boots will help with both the built in cushioning and the soft sole that is also non slip.

On chatting to a friend about them she confessed that she has actually been buying Hotter Shoes for a long time and in fact the pair she had on looked like a pair of flats on first glance but was actually a lovely wedged pump shoe!

Since getting my boots I have taken a longer and more detailed look through their website and brochure and found several pairs of ranging from a beautiful pair of pumps that would look great with thick tights and skirt and some ankle boots that would look fab with my jeans. If they are all as comfy as the boots I was sent then I will be ordering soon.


DISCLOSURE- the boots were sent free of charge for review purposes, however all words and thoughts are my own







Lately I have been…….

KNITTING!  Yes I know I’m so rock’n’roll

Anyway, I’m trying to make my new venture work and so my needles have been ablaze!

Here’s a sneak peak at my latest makes:

A gorgeous laptop cover decorated with heart buttons

A cute little cabled doggy jumper


Some lovely lace patterned bookmarks

An I Phone cover

All of the above are available here on the Facebook page.

I’m hoping to very soon open an Etsy online shop, but in the meantime if there is anything on the Facebook page that you are interested in just comment below or email me at

Right I’m off to start a new pattern for a kindle cover!

What’s your latest creative make?



MUM IN MELTDOWN– You are charged with being Absent Without Leave since your last post in the summer!!! HOW DO YOU PLEAD?

‘ Guilty m’lud!!!!! I have no excuses………………..what’s the penalty?’

A few weeks of HARD LABOUR getting your blog up to date and caught up on the social networks.

Like I’ve said I have no excuses, like everyone else life sometimes just gets in the way.

There have been :












So in between eating and sleeping and all of the above I have failed to keep up to date on the social networking side of things.

So be warned, things to come…………….reviews, update to my knitting page, and more blog posts and updates on the crafty side of things from this end.







My Mojo has left the building!

It’s official my mojo has seemingly gone on holiday without informing me, gone AWOL without telling me when it will be back! VERY INCONSIDERATE I TELL YOU.

My last post showed I had a fab anniversary this year after 18 years of being married, check it out here

However since then I have no idea what has happened. I have hardly turned on the computer or logged onto my blog, I have tweeted the odd Tweet here and there but that’s about it. I have lost the will for anything really, I haven’t even picked up my knitting needles for around 8 or 9 days and that’s a long time as I have probably knitted everyday since the new year!

M.E doesn’t help. Lately I have been more exhausted and in more pain in my legs than normal. Maybe it’s been the weather ( as I always feel much worse in the winter anyway) as it’s felt colder and obviously wetter than what we have been used to lately.

Today I haven’t made it out of bed properly. I was up to help my eldest get ready and see him off to school. Then I took my flask of coffee up with me and went back to bed. However, when I woke and had my coffee my energy did not return. So I type as I sit here in bed with my son’s laptop and Frankie and Johnny playing on my dvd.

I am so behind with everything, the house is a mess and I have so much to do- but it’s not going to happen any time soon. I ironed yesterday which is probably why I am in bed today for so long. However, I thought I was being clever as I had set the ironing board up and used one of my breakfast bar stools so I didn’t have to stand. So I probably ironed more than I normally would.

But I have a review, a pet post, and have just become involved with #bloggingformadelaine so I need my mojo back PLEASE.

If any of you find it lurking in your cupboard, or a bin, or even on a street corner, can you please direct it straight to me…………….


Knitting Project #7-9 – 2012

I have actually knitted lots but hate the sewing up part, that way I have lots of projects knitted but not finished!!

So here are a few I have managed to finish properly and photograph.

Girls sparkly hand warmers complete with bows!

Summer scarf- cotton mix so cool to wear

Beanie hat complete with sparkly flower

I still have more to post but I need to stop procrastinating and get on with the bloody sewing up!!

The projects are getting a little more involved each time so watch this space for the next few.